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With my host provider I had to revamp my whole website in order to have access to better web page placements and designs.  Yes, I am starting over, but I have a lot of information that transferred to the new website.

February reads are still being posted.

March reads I haven’t even started on reviews for.  Crazy it’s like when can I make time for writing?

My Newest book goes unnamed, but editing is going a little easier now.  I am on Chapter 22, working on ideas of the cover.

I also have a new 3D program for developing Book Trailers.  That might take me a while but I try to get in one training a day.  So far I made a box, and flipped it around, change the lighting directional, and then deleted it.  I can not wait until I can put a face to my characters, they are so vivid in my mind.

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Looking forward to Sharing My February Reads:

I am making headway on the book I would love to publish by the end of March or the beginning of April.  The first one of the year, but not sure what to call it yet, and the cover needs some cooperation from my models.

Anyway, I have 20 book reviews to share with you.   I am so impressed with a lot of the independent writers out there.  Some of them are outstanding and I am so happy that they didn’t hold back for a regular publisher.   My secret… I take advantage of the free books on amazon.  Give it a try, some are unbelievably good.  Obviously if I have 20 in the month of February alone.  No I can’t keep that pace up if I am going to get out 5 books myself this year, so don’t hole it to me next month.


Stay tuned…..


Mangled Hearts by Felicia Tatum

1-14 Mangled Hearts by Felicia Tatum

Click here for your copy:   Mangled Hearts: Francesca and Cade (Scarred Hearts)

Is it possible to love again when your own thoughts, hang-ups, or even your own issues stand in the way?  This is something that anyone who has been hurt in some way contemplates in their mind.

Sometimes we become alcoholics, work alcoholics, drug addicted, sleep obsessively, or anything else that we can try to avoid the pain and suffering.

Cade, the alcoholic bad boy from High School, is still running from never being good enough.  Drinking started way too young and now it’s become a problem.

Francesca, broken from heartache when her sister dies in a tragic accident from years earlier, and the only man she has ever loved was somehow tied to her death.

Years later he’s still a drunk, and she is still broken.  The weird part is they are destined to get things right.  Her first case and only case as a lawyer happens to be the man from her past.

Old feelings mix with the new feelings and they have to hash things out, but can Cade survive treatment, and will Francesca’s have him with this issue on top of everything else?  This one hits you in the heart wanting everything to work out, wanting them to be okay, and wanting the happy ending.  Not everything turns out perfect in the real world, but you will have to read the story to see if theirs does.

Chase by Cassia Leo

Chase by Cassia Leo



Click here for your copy:     Chase (#1) Erotic Romance (Power Players Series)



Larissa Jacob’s has turned to working for a professional high-end Escort service to pay her piling up debt.

Her first attempt at the new job leads her to the gorgeous, married, and current presidential candidate Senator Chase Underwood.

At first, she didn’t think he liked her at all.  Making a bad decision could turn to be the best decision she has ever made as she fly’s with him to her new future.  The only problem is the contract, it’s a little over whelming.

Rescue Team by Candace Calvert

1-14 Rescue Team by Candace Calvert

Click here for your copy:   Rescue Team (Grace Medical)

Kate Callison moved from town to town running from her past and not letting anyone in.  This new job as ER Director seems possible, but there is already so much bad PR, and trying to live up to the perfect past ER Director who came up missing and that is how she ended up here in the first place.  Can she keep it together long enough to want to stay this time?

That’s where Wes Tanner, local Well digger and head of the Rescue team in the area, comes in.  He’s at the hospital after a “Find”, a disoriented lost old lady, when he is thrown into another situation only to rush to the emergency operating room with a limp baby in his hands, but staring at a beautiful, controlled, and focused Kate.

A hectic day, a meeting in the parking lot, and a direct quote from Kate “No one here needs saving.”  He knows there is something she needs to be saved from.  It’s in her eye as sad as they are.

This has a twist of events because Wes never realized that he Rescues others because no one rescued him as a child.  Can they help each other out?

Only if they can get along.  You have to read this one to find out.

Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton

1-14 Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton

Click here for your copy:   Stolen Fury (Stolen Series (book #1))

Dr. Lisa Maxwell hasn’t had an easy time as an archaeologist, but this time she is finally on to one of the biggest discoveries, the Furies.

However successful this may make her she is enticed into a beautiful Italian man, Rafe Sullivan.  Only to be left wanting in both the romance department and in her safe where the fury had been.

Chasing the man down with the intent on devouring him with her wrath, it is the spark that hinders that.  She is coaxed into working with him to find the other furies.

Although their time together causes them to fight the heat going on between them, they also find respect for each other only to be running for their lives.  Quite latterly.

Can they survive until the last fury is found?  And what will happen to it once they do?  Rafe may have other ideas than what she does.

Suspense is high in this one.