Driving and Texting…

It seems like I can not go one day without seeing someone driving while looking or texting on their phone.  They go over the line, swerve, go slow, change lanes w/out blinkers.   Haven’t they heard that people have died doing this.

Oh… That’s right… It’s not going to happen to them.  They are very careful, they don’t look down to text or look at their phone they hold it up so they can keep their eyes on the road, they are invincible, nothing is going to happen to them.

Well, let me tell you… it could happen to you.  My husband had done a lot of stupid, crazy sh…, and lived through it.  He thought he was capable of every and any thing.  If nothing had happen to him yet, he was going to live forever.  He had been on ladders all his life, and one little mistake, one little distraction, one little thing off, and if you haven’t already heard yes he fell from a ladder.

Trust me… I would rather you didn’t reply to my text, my phone call, to me at all if it means that you won’t make the deadly mistake of replying to me and have an accident.  I think all the people who love you would say the same thing.  I know… its hard because it is so tempting, but the answer to that is… put it somewhere where you can not use it while driving.

If anyone shares this thought feel free to share.  I could use some back up here, because today, in my 18 min drive to work, there were 6 people looking at their phones. Please take care, because life is precious.


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