Forever Yours – Chp. 3 First Kiss

Glued to where I was standing I had forgotten everything around me. I lifted my head a little, but closed my eyes. I did not want him to see the fear stirring in me. His lips found mine and the kiss was gentle, more like a soft trace with our lips slightly parted. I found myself kissing his lips back. It was only for a moment and he pulled back away from me to look into my eyes. I was nothing but putty now. He stood and stared at me. Did I do something wrong? Did he realize how innocent I was? Did he realize that this could never be? I was yelling in my head Please say something, anything. Don’t leave me standing here feeling really stupid.
He leaned in again, but to my ear and whispered, “Thank you. It was exactly what I thought it would be, perfect.”


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