Moving update….

I was replying to an encouraging message about moving, when I realized I really wanted to share my rant with everyone.  That is what a blog is for anyway, isn’t it?  Just a place to express yourself. 

This is my dilemma about moving:

I think my problem is, as I go through things, especially things that I don’t usually use, I want to get rid of them. I hate packing stuff that I don’t use. My kids are thinking I have totally lost all common sense. I really want to get rid of a lot of things! I mean how many vases can you own? Or do you want to own. How many different sets of Champaign glasses should you keep? I think I have 4 sets of 4 but they are all different. Plates, plates, and plates; wow there are 5 different sets. I know how it happened. People would get new stuff, offer me their old stuff, I had kids so I said yes (they tend to break things). Glasses, oh my god, I have 1 or 2, 5 at most of any one set of glasses. Coffee mugs, I use a non spill mug, but I have 20 coffee cups in my cupboard. Why do we need to have so many, or have them at all. Sets should give you a few, not a full set. Plus, we never have coffee with dinner. It’s always water or milk, but never coffee. Coffee is morning waking up, late night trying to stay awake or maybe on a rare occasion as a treat with my mother over a sweet that we are eating. But that hardly ever happens.

I think I have every phone book saved over the last 7 years, and the funny thing is… I never ever use a phone book.  Why would I when I can find it quicker on the internet and I save at lease three trees with this act alone.  So why do I keep them?  Good question… well… they are neatly put away, and they seem to not collect dust, or um… yeah, they are so gone!!!!!

When I went through the garage, I was so angry with my husband.  There was so much crap, and garbage that he stored that I rented a 20 yard dumpster.  Yes, I filled it.  The crazy part was, when we got to the rafters on the other side of the garage, it was my stuff.  Yes, all of it, okay one or two bins of the kids stuff, but mostly it was my stuff from high school.   Clothes, pictures, awards, scrap books, just a bunch of old stuff that really doesn’t have anything to do with who I am today.  Let’s just say that the Lupus foundation was a little surprised when they came for pick up.  I think we had 20 bags of clothes, and shoes for them.  Since then we have packed up another 15 bags of clothing that we are looking to get rid of.  I feel sorry for them if the big items don’t sell, because they are going one way or another!!!! 

I mean if I am starting over, I really want to start all over.  Of course the kids can keep what ever they want, just not at my house. 

Nick nacks, I have never liked.  I think some of us call them dust collectors.  I have never liked them, and have very few of them.  Can you tell I really don’t like to dust? But who does?  The kids tell me that I need to have a collection of some sort so they know what to get me on my birthday and christmas.  I almost want to hit them in the head with a dah sound.  I love books!!!!!!!!  I can put them on a shelve and they are not hard at all to dust.  Especially a hard cover book.  Something about a book in hard cover, really makes me want to read it. 

Pots and pans.  Okay, who really needs 10 sheet pans?  I rarely cook, so tell me again why I need sheet pans?  No, I really don’t bake either.  Sweets are not good for my body!  All I have to do is look at them and my body starts to store the fat.  And we all know what happens if they are just sitting there going to waste, yeah just like everyone else we don’t like to waste anything.

Frying pans…  Yeah, I have a huge, very large pan that I do stir fry in, but if its only me I would be eating stir fry for a whole month.  I also have old ones that are supposed to be in the camper, along with sauce pans, but some how they found their way into my house and I can’t get them to move back into the camper.  Maybe they think now that Brian is gone they don’t have to do the hunting thing anymore, where they go a day or two, or a few days without washing.  I hate to tell you boys, but you are out of my house one way or another.  (Haha, they are going back to the camper)

And then there is the never-ending linen closet.  Yeah, ladies yours doesn’t just hold towels either, does it?  I have lotions, shampoos, conditioners, other hair products, other body products, bath salts, bathing bubbles, soothing skin stuff, etc.  ALL GONE!!!!!!  Where does this stuff come from.  Okay don’t laugh, and this has nothing to do with the linen closet.   We actually had two sets of crutches.  One from Brian when he broke his leg in 89, and the other are a kids pair when Alissa broke her ankle in 2000.  Why would anyone keep that stuff?  If you get hurt they give you another pair, and insurance covers most of the cost anyway.  I know, I know… lost cause.

I know I am complaining, so can I just say thank you. I needed that release.


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