Forever Yours – Chp. 10 Not a Date


“Oh, I get it. Do you really think that is all I do when I am not with you?” he was very defensive.
“Yeah, with all the girls you have and your body is…perfect.” I still had my head down, but I was looking up at him with my eyes to see his reaction. I hadn’t realized what I was going to say until it was already out of my mouth.
“So you think I have a nice body?”
I couldn’t even look at him. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression, but I would pay for that comment the rest of the day. He was going to torture me with it. J
James reached across the table with one hand and lifted my chin. “Don’t be embarrassed. That’s what I like about you the most. You are brutally honest.”
“Completely honest… Yes, I have noticed your muscles and they are very defined.” Now with a little anger in my voice, “Are you happy now?”
He sat there stunned, not replying and took a minute, “Does that mean you like them or they’re just there?”
“Do you really want to talk about your muscles, James?”
“I really don’t. I was more curious to what you are thinking?”
“Shall we go?”
“You’re not good at getting out of tough questions. Just answer me, honestly.”
“Are you asking how I feel about your muscles, or you?”
He smiled with my reply.


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