Forever Yours – Chp. 13 The Rage of Kylie

His face went pale looking past me at the door, “Shit!”
“Jason’s here.”
“So, I don’t really care to see him. You know that.”
“Yeah, but…” He looked sick; I turned to look at Jason, and he was walking in holding a girl’s hand. I turned to James, “He had a girlfriend all along?”
He was studying my reaction and watching behind me at the same time, “Not exactly.”
“You know I had no claim on him; it’s okay, and I got the better.”
I was gleaming at him, but he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes did not deviate from Jason. He was not angry, but he had intensity about him. “Shit.”
“They are coming over here.” His body stiffened, like he was going to get up and punch Jason.
“It’s okay, I’m fine.” I was trying to get his attention, but he never looked at me. I was really confused about how he was reacting.
Jason walked up to the table holding his girlfriends hand, “Kylie, you remember James.”
“Yeah, hi James.”
“Kylie this is Sarah, Sarah Kylie.”
I looked up at her. She was very pretty, blond, blue eyes, and a very nice grownup figure, “Hi.”


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