Wasting Away – Chapter 18: Sharing Souls

“I miss your soft touch on the indentation of my back when you’re leading me. The tracing of your hand down my back to show me I’m special to you. The soft kiss of your lips on my hand and then turning it over to kiss my palm to show me you adore me. The way you move to me and talk in my ear making my heart race. And the…”
He interrupted me, “Wait!”
“What, James?”
“I want you here next to me, so I can share this with you.”
“Share what with me?”
I felt this amazing rush through my whole body, as if he moved into my body and then out.
“Oh, James, what was that?”
“I wanted to touch you with my soul. What does it feel like for you?”
“It’s like I can feel every part of you move through me.”
He laughed, “It’s a little erotic, so I am by the shower.”
“How are you doing?”
“If I do it…”
“Oh, shit, James.”
“Yep, I have to call you back.” He was gone.


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