Dirty by Megan Hart


When you see a title on Megan’s book you can let your mind wander all over the place, because when you see dirty you may think this to be a dirty, sexy book, especially if you are aware that Megan Hart writes erotic romance, however….Amazingly beautifully written story that sucks you in (3 days to read), twists you in different directions ( I was gasping NO  for more than a few reasons, and just when you think there is a break through and you will have the love story, she pounds it out and you end up crying.  You just never know if it is good or bad.With Dirty, there is a lot of garbage for Elle to sort through, but she suppresses the garbage and deals with it another way.  Her way is not healthy, but it was survival, her survival.  The problem being when she finds love can she allow it to happen, can she allow him into her life.  Can he (Dan) handle what she has to share.  If he can… will it be enough?  You have to read this one.I tell you… If you like Fifty Shades…  You are going to love Megan Hart’s stories.  I am on my third now.

via Megan Hart.

Click here for your copy: Dirty


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