Transitioning from one house to New Home!

My house 1


Isn’t moving to a new home supposed to be fun, exciting, and uplifting?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Poor Nelly, I haven’t fed her a real meal in over a week. Everyday we have to take a load to the new house, and then we spend hours painting and cleaning.  No, the house was not that bad, it’s just we want a totally fresh start.  So, we are painting closets along with rooms, and ceilings.  Removing wall paper; for some reason I do not care for wall paper at all and there is quite a bit in the house.  One more week and we will be moved in, but not unpacked.  I can only torture Nelly a little everyday without her being totally irritated by me.  We also need to purchase a vehicle for her, which I am totally over whelmed with.  I hate shopping for vehicles, especial used cheep ones.  Anyway, I just thought you would like to know what the delay has been on the postings.  More regular once I get moved in next Sunday   I know I picked a hell of a day to move.  Super Bowl… Who wants to help on game day?  I planned to be done by 2-3 pm so everyone can be home for game time.



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