Push Away – Chapter 19



I felt Ryan walk up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. He hasn’t been allowed to do that for 5 years; why did he think it would be allowed today? I pushed away from him and stepped outside, but he held my arm tightly. I looked back with a glare.
“You are still my wife.”
I pulled my arm from him, “But you don’t have my permission to do that.”
His glare was long, as he held my arm tight, “Do you want to make a scene in front of your boss?”
I looked down at his hand holding my arm, “He is not the boss, and there won’t be a scene if you let go of me, but don’t push me.”
I heard yelling from the car, “Joselyn, is everything okay?”
I looked back to see Tyler standing with the car door open. I reassured him with a nod, “Yeah, can you send Jared in its dinner time?”
I walked back in and set the table.


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