Push Away Chpt 20


I went out the front door, but to my surprise Ryan was sitting on a bench in front of the house. He stood up, as I walked a little further. He finally stepped in front of me as I tried to leave, and I was forced to stop. I guess he wanted to talk to me. “I don’t appreciate work coming home with her. This is her family time, and it just doesn’t seem right to have the boss show up here.” I smiled realizing he was marking his territory. I nodded, “I will keep it to a minimum.” He shook his head, “No, I think you should keep it to the office.” I smiled and leaned into him, “No, I don’t think you understand. Your wife makes me a lot of money, and I want her happy.” I pulled away looking at him directly into his eyes, “I mean very happy.” He took a step back looking at me with this horrible look; maybe like he wanted to punch me or something. I could only grin, because I had no intentions of getting in a fight. “When she is happy, she does amazing things, and my clients cannot tell her no. So… I plan on doing whatever I can to keep her happy.” “She is my wife.” “Yes, and I know what she makes.” I looked at the house, “You like it here in this house…”


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