Have an exciting new idea for a book.  When I finished explaining it to Stephanie her mouth dropped open.  Can’t wait to share it.

No the shed is not done, however I do have three walls up.  That is an improvement.

Basement is not done.  I went down to start the finishing, and found out they had one of the colors marked wrong, and they sent me the wrong colors, and the pan to hold the paint was broken.  I am getting the idea that this is not going to happen.  Returning the products tomorrow, and looking for a new way to finish the basement floor.

Okay, can you tell I am not good at asking for help?  Yeah, not me.

Crazy world we live in and the mind creates what it sees in my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thank’s Jerry!!! You’re the greatest. Shed is a piece, still missing pieces and the whole thing is off now that it is standing and the doors to meet in the middle. Calling the manufacturer. I’ll keep you posted.

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