Have you heard about…

fate 1

True Reports of the Strange and Unknown.

Based in Lakeville Minnesota no one would ever guess that these odd stories would come from here.  The magazine was brought to my attention through a friend at work.  He writes some of the stories, does book reviews, and is one of their editors there.   The stories are not typical.  To give you an example this issue  May – June 2013 has a wide variety of stories including;  the story of Crazy Horse, Time Travel, A Glastonbury Tale, Poor Edward Mordrake, UFO saucers, The Birth, Death, & Resurrection of Orgone, Orgone Energy, Frogman Lives-in Ohio, Haunted Doll, Spirits of a Different Shade, Ancient Catastrophes, and The Glamis Castle.   The magazine hits on the elements that sit out there with a question to them.  Like is big foot real?  Does the  Loch Ness Monster exist?

If you are a person that enjoys learning interesting facts from around the world then give this magazine a try.



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