Being Thankful

I got my two miles in this morning before anyone stirred in the house, and it felt amazing.  I wanted to get in the four, but everyone was emerging from their rooms.

It’s funny how traditions are formed in the first place.   The one that made me laugh this morning was listening to Alice’s Restaurant.  Brian always had these really weird off the wall traditions.  He would put the song on and I would roll my eyes, the kids would grumble and he would enjoy tormenting us all through the 23 minute song.  We even had to watch the movie a couple of times just so he could torture us a little longer than normal.

During breakfast we remember him as Danelle played the song.  I remember the torture well but laughed that this is what they have done year after year liking it or not.  We all laughed as the song went on and on.  Something we do now that he has been gone for two years,  I actually enjoy watching what part of their father they decide to remember him by.  It always seems to be the things that irritated them the most.  I will miss having dinner with the in-laws today for I will be working, but very thankful that my children carry on the family tradition of celebrating with family.

Today for Thanks Giving it is Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie.


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