Moving to the New Site

Sorry if you are missing the updates.  You can find them all over at

With my host provider I had to revamp my whole website in order to have access to better web page placements and designs.  Yes, I am starting over, but I have a lot of information that transferred to the new website.

February reads are still being posted.

March reads I haven’t even started on reviews for.  Crazy it’s like when can I make time for writing?

My Newest book goes unnamed, but editing is going a little easier now.  I am on Chapter 22, working on ideas of the cover.

I also have a new 3D program for developing Book Trailers.  That might take me a while but I try to get in one training a day.  So far I made a box, and flipped it around, change the lighting directional, and then deleted it.  I can not wait until I can put a face to my characters, they are so vivid in my mind.

Anyway, all of my updates and info are being posted on


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