About Me :)

When I write my reviews I look up each author to give them the respect of getting to know who they are.  Some are brief, some are in-depth, but most of them do not explain the person.  So when writing who I am I find it difficult, because it changes to often.

Sometimes I am a mother/Grandmother.  I love each and every one of my children more than they could ever understand.  Sometimes I get frustrated, angry, fed up, and sometime down right pissed off, but today I am not.  They are the best children a mother could have!!!!  I also have a new grand baby on the way, due to join the world in March.

Sometimes I am an employee.  I have two jobs that I really do enjoy, both part-time.   I take pride in what I do at each job, however I am very happy at the end of each day to head home and forget everything that happened to be challenging that day.  What I wouldn’t give to have just one job… I guess we won’t go there for now, but something maybe brewing.  Like I said it changes way to often.

Sometimes I am an entrepreneur.  This is where the fun begins for me.  Photographer, writer, editor, publisher, blogger, reviewer, ect… The newest idea is to start a writing club.  Working a  little like  a book club, but getting together with other writers at every level.  Trying to plan some details in order to have a direction to go with it.  I think they call that a work in progress.  This too would be easier to plan if I only had one job!!!!

I love to laugh.  When I had Christmas with my brothers this year, my brother Danny hit me with a joke that made me cry.  I wish I could see him more than a couple of times a year.  Everyone needs to laugh as much as possible.  It makes for all the difficult times in our lives be forgotten, or that it really isn’t as bad as we can feel sometimes.



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