Forever Yours

Forever Yours

Forever Yours

Forever Yours – preface quote

It was very homey and people looked out for each other. Everyone was like family, weird but true. This is where I felt my true home was.


Forever Yours – Chp. 1 First Look

As he leaned over the table he looked up at me again and smiled that flirty smile and asked, “So, do you have a boyfriend?”
Why was he asking me this? I really did look as young as I was, not totally developed yet. I was still a young girl, really no figure to speak of. I felt myself grin a little looking at him directly and said smiling, “I am not in one place long enough to have any kind of relationship, friendship or otherwise.”


Forever Yours – Chp 2. Anticipation

I think he felt like he needed to say something, but it wasn’t the comment I was expecting at all. “I could wait a few years.”
The puzzled look must have shown on my face because he continued, “I mean we could be friends for a few years, if that works for you.”
I got it now. He was interested in me.


Forever Yours – Chp. 3 First Kiss

Glued to where I was standing I had forgotten everything around me. I lifted my head a little, but closed my eyes. I did not want him to see the fear stirring in me. His lips found mine and the kiss was gentle, more like a soft trace with our lips slightly parted. I found myself kissing his lips back. It was only for a moment and he pulled back away from me to look into my eyes. I was nothing but putty now. He stood and stared at me. Did I do something wrong? Did he realize how innocent I was? Did he realize that this could never be? I was yelling in my head Please say something, anything. Don’t leave me standing here feeling really stupid.
He leaned in again, but to my ear and whispered, “Thank you. It was exactly what I thought it would be, perfect.”


Forever Yours – Chp. 4 Sherburn’s Resort

James got up from where he was sitting and moved a little closer and leaned on the half wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. I studied him for a moment. He was much more mature looking than Jason. He had muscles that were amazing even under his t-shirt that was covered by layers of sweatshirts.
He looked directly at me and boldly stated, “I would be here all the time. You wouldn’t be able to get rid of me. I’m not as soft as Jason, and whatever you wanted to do to me I would let you.”


Forever Yours – Chp. 5 The Promise

There! I was perfect, for how young I really was. If I didn’t look older now, I would have to wait for time to do its job. Okay, I was ready to make an appearance and to blow them off for acting stupid.Who was grownup now? I had my pony binder around my wrist. I knew I would need this later. I bopped out the door and down the stairs.
I didn’t pay any attention to Jason or James standing by the truck and said, “Excuse me dad, can I take the four-wheeler down to Sherburn’s? A bunch of kids are hanging out down there.”
My plan worked! Jason stood there expressionless. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but he kept his eyes on me the whole time. I looked directly at him with a great big smile on my face. He responded by giving me a disapproving look. James, however, gave me the response I was looking for. His mouth dropped open and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. Now I gave him something to stare at!


Forever Yours – Chp. 6 More Competition

I moved to dad’s chair with a smart ass remark, “You two look so cute together.” I plopped down on the chair and grinned.
James just stared at me not expecting I would choose the chair over sitting by Jason. I had already experienced too much for the day. “Are you chicken?” James taunted at me.
“Of you? Of course, who wouldn’t be?” I wrinkled my nose at him.
“What are you so afraid of?”
“Like I said. You!”
“I don’t bite.”
“Are you sure? I’ve seen your snarl.”
Jason smiled at me and said, “I’ll protect you.”
James snarled at Jason, “You do bite. I need to protect her from you!”
“I don’t need to be protected at all if I sit over here.”
Jason glared at James, “We’ll play nice, won’t we?”
“Scouts honor.” James put up his hand as if to motion the scout’s pledge.
You’re not a scout.”
“But I could be…” James patted the couch in-between them.
“Thanks guys, but I am fine right here. Remember boys, you have to get up early tomorrow.” I flashed them a fake smile.

Forever Yours – Chp. 7 New Feelings

I realized this wasn’t a dream. “Guys…” I moved a little and opened my eyes. It wasn’t long before they were in front of me kneeling. Jason was close to my face, while James was a little farther down.
James said, “Hey sleepy head.”
Jason smiled at me, “What do you need?”
“Peace and quiet, can’t you two sleep?” They both smiled at me.
I mumbled, “There are beds in the back, so help yourself because I’m not moving.”
Jason lifted my head and upper body to move in and hold me. I nuzzled in to go to sleep. I could feel James lift my knees, and then he took my hand and messaged my fingers. I entwined them with his so we were holding hands.
“Sleep…” was all I could say.
Jason rested his head on mine and whispered, “I think I love you.”
I was so sleepy I didn’t know if what I heard was real. I didn’t reply.


Forever Yours – Chp. 8 The Babysitter

As we started the next hand he looked at me funny, “Are you avoiding going to sleep?” He asked.
I was a little guilty of this, “A little.”
“It’s just this room and… Do we really have to talk about this?”
“Do you want to tell me what happened here?”
“You said we didn’t have to talk about it.”
“We don’t, but if you want to I am a really good listener.”
“Guys talk, didn’t Jason fill you in?”
“He said nothing happened, but when I saw you kissing at the bar, I knew something did.”
“You really don’t want to talk about this?”
“Not really.” I gave him a pleading glance.
“Can we watch a movie instead? I am really tired and if you don’t want to talk about things, I could use some sleep.”


Forever Yours – Chp. 9 The Turn Down

“Are you thinking about him?”
“A little, but I’m trying not to.”
“That’s good. You know he wishes you weren’t so young.”
“In a month I will be sixteen.”
“Really, he’s turning twenty-one in a couple of months.”
“Great.” I said sarcastically, “When’s your birthday?”
“In October.”
“I missed it.”
“Yeah. It was before I met you.”
“So, how many girls are you dating right now?”
“I find that hard to believe. I thought you were a ladies’ man?”
“They all found out about each other and dumped me.”
“That won’t last for long.”
“Maybe, it depends on how hard I try.”
“It can’t help when you have to baby-sit.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t agree to baby-sit me anymore.”
“It’s a nice break. I don’t have to pretend I’m something that I’m not.”
“I guess you have a point.”
“So, are you going to tell me what happened?”
“So something did happen?” I really didn’t want to answer him. He pushed further., “Did he hurt you?”
“Did you guys try to…?”
“Nope, and it’s hard to not think of him when you keep wanting me to talk about it.”
He grabbed my chin and tilted my head completely back, “Okay, okay, but if or when you need to talk, I’m here.” And he kissed my forehead.


Forever Yours – Chp. 10 Not a Date

“Oh, I get it. Do you really think that is all I do when I am not with you?” he was very defensive.

“Yeah, with all the girls you have and your body is…perfect.” I still had my head down, but I was looking up at him with my eyes to see his reaction. I hadn’t realized what I was going to say until it was already out of my mouth.
“So you think I have a nice body?”
I couldn’t even look at him. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression, but I would pay for that comment the rest of the day. He was going to torture me with it. J
James reached across the table with one hand and lifted my chin. “Don’t be embarrassed. That’s what I like about you the most. You are brutally honest.”
“Completely honest… Yes, I have noticed your muscles and they are very defined.” Now with a little anger in my voice, “Are you happy now?”
He sat there stunned, not replying and took a minute, “Does that mean you like them or they’re just there?”
“Do you really want to talk about your muscles, James?”
“I really don’t. I was more curious to what you are thinking?”
“Shall we go?”
“You’re not good at getting out of tough questions. Just answer me, honestly.”
“Are you asking how I feel about your muscles, or you?”
He smiled with my reply.


Forever Yours – chp. 11 A New Development

He swept to my face so fast I didn’t have time to react and he kissed me one solid hard kiss. He got up, “I knew it!” He got off the snowmobile and was pacing around in front of me. I couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset. “I knew it! You didn’t! I just knew it.” He looked at me and saw my confusion.
This was the most humiliating thing I have ever had to confess and he was acting crazy.  He rushed back to me putting both hands on my face, “You are the most beautiful girl I know,” and then he kissed me again. It was long and hard, but he stopped and looked at me, “I am so sorry; I shouldn’t have done that.”
I was still in shock.


Forever Yours – Chp. 12 Unwanted Surprise

He leaned into me, wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me to him, and pressed his lips to mine. This took my breath away as if I was dreaming. I found myself wanting him more than I would allow myself. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my hands running through his hair, parted his lips in mine, and the kiss grew more intense.
He lifted me to his body, “Food?”
“I don’t need food.”
“But we need to stop, so food would be good.”
I put my lips on his, “Okay, food.”

Forever Yours – Chp. 13 The Rage of Kylie

His face went pale looking past me at the door, “Shit!”

“Jason’s here.”
“So, I don’t really care to see him. You know that.”
“Yeah, but…” He looked sick; I turned to look at Jason, and he was walking in holding a girl’s hand. I turned to James, “He had a girlfriend all along?”
He was studying my reaction and watching behind me at the same time, “Not exactly.”
“You know I had no claim on him; it’s okay, and I got the better.”
I was gleaming at him, but he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes did not deviate from Jason. He was not angry, but he had intensity about him. “Shit.”
“They are coming over here.” His body stiffened, like he was going to get up and punch Jason.
“It’s okay, I’m fine.” I was trying to get his attention, but he never looked at me. I was really confused about how he was reacting.
Jason walked up to the table holding his girlfriends hand, “Kylie, you remember James.”
“Yeah, hi James.”
“Kylie this is Sarah, Sarah Kylie.”
I looked up at her. She was very pretty, blond, blue eyes, and a very nice grownup figure, “Hi.”


Forever Yours – Chp. 14 Birthday Party

“What am I going to do with you?”

“If you kiss me right here, right now, I wouldn’t object.” I looked into his eyes, “Please?”
He turned to me. It looked as if he was angry with me. He leaned in. My heart began to race. Was I going to get what I was asking for? He took the glass from my hand, “No more of this, you’re getting to brave already. Now go play with your little friends. Later you’ll have to deal with me.”
I smiled, “Can’t wait.”


Forever Yours – Chp. 15 Pleasure

His lips were close to my ear, “I have a feeling if I start this something may happen.”
I closed my eyes, as he continued, “I want this to be the best night of your life, but I don’t see it in your eyes.”
I turned to look at him. My heart was pounding so hard I didn’t know what to do. He placed his hand on my cheek and kissed my lips, “I don’t know if I can stop.”
My chest was heaving. I closed my eyes. He took his hand slowly moving it down to my heaving chest, and rested it in the middle like he was feeling my breathing. I wanted him to taunt me, but I didn’t want that either. I knew if this went much further, I would beg him to be inside of me. Was I ready for that, how would I know ? He now moved his hand to grip my waist and pulled me to my side to face him. He pulled my body to touch his. My breathing increased, but I stayed there very still, with our bare skin touching, and he just held me. He looked into my eyes . I didn’t know what to do or say, so I continued to just look into his eyes.


Forever Yours – Chp. 16 Games

I finished my milk and closely observed him, to see his quirks.
He caught me, “What are you doing?”
“I’m looking for something funny that you do when you eat.”
“So, how is it going?”
“Not very good. You’re kind of perfect.”
“Far from that.”
“In my eyes you are.”
“You only see me when I am with you.”
“So you’re not perfect when you’re not around me?”
“Sometimes, but I’m working on it.”
“Working on what?”
“You make me want to be better.”


Forever Yours – Chp. 17 Emotional Roller Coaster

I was shaking my head no when James turned to me, “I will not make you talk to him, but he’s going to tell you something that will make you mad and maybe sad, but it’s not going to happen. I will tell you the whole thing, just promise you will let me explain. Don’t talk to him if you don’t want to even if you’re mad at me.”
I nodded.
He turned to Jason, “Can’t help you; she still says no.”
“James, does she know about Katherine?”
James looked at me, I looked at him puzzled. We were by the truck, and he opened the door.
“Does she know you’re getting married in the fall?”
I just looked at James. Tears began to drip down my face.
Jason called out again, “Sarah, did he tell you that?”
I got in the truck, and James closed the door behind me. I saw him walking toward Jason and they were arguing.


Forever Yours – Chp. 18 Losing You


“What are you thinking?”
“I don’t know. It’s all scrambled.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No, I really don’t know where to start.”
He reached for my hand and entangled my fingers with his, “Do you know how I feel about you?”
“Yeah, I think I do, except for normal insecurities on my part.”
He cuddled in closer and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my cheek, “I was really afraid I was going to lose you.”
I nuzzled my face into his neck, “You almost did.” I kissed his neck.
We laid there in silence so long I was starting to get sleepy.


Forever Yours – Chapter 19: The Chief

He walked out into the other room holding her, “Where’s dad?”
“He’s out back.”
“What’s he doing?”
“Praying you’ll come to your senses.”
“Hey, if you guys aren’t nice to Tamara, I am going to beat the living shit out of you. Hey, I’m talking to you!”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Whatever the chosen one says.”
“Knock it off! And Katherine, you’re older than both of them, could you quit with Will long enough to discipline them a little. Shit guys! Try at least.”
“Yes sir!”
“The great Chief speaks.”
“Not for long, and Will, it’s your job now, so start acting like it.”
He walked back in the kitchen and walked over to me and checked my hand. I really didn’t feel anything. I just stared at him. Did I really hear what I thought I heard?


Forever Yours – Chp. 20 On the Phone

“Well, I was thinking…”

I started to smile. I could tell he was up to something, “What were you thinking?”
“Tony is going to ‘The Cities’ for supplies next Tuesday. He said we could stop by to pick up some things for your dad if your mom wanted that.”
“You’re coming here?!” I could hardly contain my excitement.
“If you…”
“Yes! Yes! I want you to come! I will get some things together for you to take back for him.”
“Don’t you want to check with your mom?”
“Nope. What time?”
“It’s not until next week.”
“I know, but you’re coming here!”
“You want me to come there?”
“Yes, yes, and please! When, what time?”
“I’m not sure.”
“How long will we have?”
“Sarah!” He was firmer.
“You need to settle down.”
“I know, but I haven’t seen you in so long. It’s just I can’t wait to touch your lips, your chest, your hands, everything. I just want to kiss you.”
“Sarah, I can’t wait to see you either.”
“I’m not going to sleep for a week now.”
“You still need to sleep.”
“I will try, but I’m sure it will be filled with no-no’s.”
“Sarah, you drive me crazy. I’m working soon, so I will call you later.”


Forever Yours – Chp 21. Cayuse

I turned to leave him and he grabbed my arm, “Please don’t go.”
I stopped.
He turned me around to face him, “Well, if I have to take a shower anyway…”
He took off his shirt. My heart was almost pounding out of my chest. He unbuttoned his pants. I kept looking at his eyes. He was so beautiful! He pushed his pants down over his hips so they fell to the ground, and stepped out of them. He moved closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me to him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding myself up. He kissed me so passionately that I could hardly breathe. I didn’t realize I could be so torn how I felt. I want to feel his body against mine so bad, but if we did that, there would be no stopping what would come next.
He whispered to my lips, “Shower.”


Forever Yours – Chp 22. The Protector

Brian saw it too, “You’re in deep shit, aren’t you?”
“Maybe. Can we go?”
“Now?” Brian smiled at me, “I’ll take care of it.”
I looked at Pat, “We need to leave now.”
Pat looked at Brian and then at me, “We’ll take care of it.”
Jason looked at the situation and addressed me, “So exchanging the older model to a new one?”
I didn’t say anything.
“A Mustang, how ironic.”
I mustered up enough guts to say something, “Jason, you need to go to Kylie; she’s getting mad.”
Brian and Pat were standing now.
Jason eased up a little, “I just want to talk to you.”
“And Kylie wants to kill me, I don’t think so.”
“Where’s James?”
Brian looked at me, “I knew it.”
“Shut up Brian, he’s just trying to get to me.”
Jason was probing more, “Where is your protector when you need him?”
A truck drove up and James got out of the passenger’s side door. After he got out, the truck drove off. He slowly walked over as people said hi to him.


Forever Yours – Chapter 23: Free Labor

We walked in, and mom was in bed already while dad was sitting on the chair snoozing, “Sarah, where have you been?”

James stepped in, “Tucker she has been with me most of the night.”
“I thought you were working?”
“I was, but I went to get Sarah at a party at 11 p.m.”
“Why did you do that?” Dad seemed to be getting angrier as James explained.
“I heard she was drinking.”
“How much were you drinking, Sarah?”
“I only had one. That isn’t the real reason, I text him.”
“Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.”
I smirked at James to say I told you so, “Kylie was there with Jason.”
“Oh yeah, she doesn’t like you much since you went on that date with Jason. It was probably a good idea to call for backup.”
“I got nervous when I saw them. Brian and Pat didn’t want to leave. They wanted to handle the situation, but I just wanted to leave.”
“So, you’re here and not hurt, everything went okay?”
“Yep, James showed up. The guys weren’t too happy that we had to leave.”
“I can imagine that. So how is it that it’s so late?”
James took over, “Well that’s my fault. I was at work when I left to get Sarah, so I had to go back to work. She helped Tony in the kitchen. I still had to cleanup, but we came here as soon as we were done.”


Forever Yours – Chapter 24: The Explanation

He put toothpaste on his brush and offered to put some on my brush. I poured a little water over it and started brushing. I looked at him in the mirror. He turned towards me and brushed the hair from my face. I took a sip of water and spit and started brushing again. He turned to the sink and spit too and started brushing again. He peeked out the door and moved behind me, putting his hand on my stomach pulling me back to him. He closed his eyes and put his face to my hair, breathing in like he was taking in my scent.  His grip was tighter.  I couldn’t brush any longer; I had to spit. I rinsed and smiled.  He let go of me, rinsed his mouth and spit too. He grabbed a towel and dabbed my face with it. I took the towel and wiped my face. Then I moved to wipe his face, and he peeked out the door. I wiped his lips softly with a towel. He looked out the door again, and then he swept quickly to me, wrapping one hand around my waist to pull me closer, and the other finding my cheek. I was getting warmer by the second, and he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He whispered to my lips, “You’re crabby?”
“I’m frustrated.”
He smiled.
From the other room, “How long does it take to brush your teeth boy?”
“I’m coming!” Then he tauntingly bit my bottom lip, “Later.”
I just nodded. I was so absorbed in hotness I couldn’t answer. He was off. I shuttered to shake it off.


Forever Yours – Chapter 25: The Chosen

We didn’t even make it in the door and he turned and started kissing me, “You have been driving me crazy all day.”
I didn’t say a word because he was taking my breath away. I didn’t understand how he could be here with me when he needed to take care of something, and then I was lost. He was so aggressive that it made me really nervous. He was walking down the hall with me to the back room. He was almost carrying me with his kiss. Has he lost control? What was he doing? Oh, how the kissing was distracting me, and making me feel so good with his arms around me. He lifted one of my legs to his waist as we entered the bedroom. And he laid me down on the bed leaning over me. He pulled his shirt off, and started to kiss my neck. His hands traced down to my sides pulling my t-shirt and sweatshirt off at the same time. He was kissing my chest and my breathing was uncontrollable. He was pushing himself into me.
I was getting hotter, and I could tell he wasn’t thinking, “James?”
He didn’t answer. He just kept touching me and kissing me.
He kept kissing me to quiet me. He didn’t want to hear it.
I responded by kissing him back, but I said to into his lips, “You’re scaring me.”
He stopped and looked at me.
The shame showed in his eyes, “I don’t want to live without you.”
“Good, I don’t want to live without you either, but…”


Forever Yours – Chapter 26: A Touch Of The Dream

Jason was letting her hit him and scream at him. James and Tony grabbed her and held her back.

Jason took this opportunity pleading with me, “Sarah, I just wanted to be your first!”
“Jason, it’s too late for that!”
“Are you telling me you already have? Please, don’t tell me it was James?”
I could see Tony look at James. James shook his head no.
I reminded him, “Jason, none of that matters. You will not be my first or my anything, but thank you for bringing me James. If you stay with Kylie, she needs some help, it’s wrong for her to hit you! And it’s wrong for you to put up with it. Jason, I want you to be happy, but it will not be with me. You should try to give Kylie as much attention as you give me. She might not act this way if you did.”
I looked at Kylie, “I am so sorry. I didn’t know about you at all. I would never have gotten between you two, but you need help. You can’t beat him into loving you.”
I walked away and into the kitchen. The other room was really quiet. I went back to finishing the dishes.
I could hear Jason, “James, you shouldn’t have, you know she’s too young. That’s the only reason I…”
Tony started in, “That’s enough Jason. Have a good night. It’s time for you to leave now.”
I felt James behind me. He reached around me and turned off the water, “Why did you let Jason believe that we did it?”
“Because when it does happen, it will be you. Besides, if he thinks I didit! He might let me go.”


Forever Yours – Chapter 27: Supervised Time

He sat down. I handed him a plate, the syrup, and butter without looking. After a little bit I saw him take another piece of French toast, and then I passed him the stuff again without looking. As we passed stuff between us mom and dad were laughing at us.

We both looked up, “What?”
“Do you two do that all the time?” mom asked.
I looked at James, “What are we doing?”
Dad replied, “You two act like you’re already married, reading each other’s minds or something. It’s quite funny to watch.”
I looked down at my math homework, “Well, since we already act married… when’s the date, James?”
He looked down at his food, “Two years.”
I added, “Now you two don’t have to worry for two more years.”
I kept working on homework, and he kept eating. We didn’t look up to see their expressions.


Forever Yours – Chapter 28: No More Hiding

He led me to the bedroom, and he set my stuff on the bed. He put his hands on my face and kissed me. It was soft and short.

Dad called from the living room, “It doesn’t take that long!”
James smiled and took me by the hand. We walked out. I clung to his arm, and we were both grinning a mile wide. We sat down on the couch and looked at mom and dad. I think we were both waiting for a lecture.
Dad spoke up, “So, what are the plans for the evening?”
James answered, “We have none. We can hang with you two all night.”
I was displeased, but I would take any time with him that I could. I just smiled.
“Okay, if you two are going to be…” he grimaced “…dating, there are rules!”
We both sat there listening.“Number one! No hanging out in bedrooms.”
“Dad, it’s not…”
He interrupted me, “Yet, and number two! Alone time is limited, period!”
James spoke up, “That’s fair.”
Dad looked at James a little upset with him, “You’re nineteen!”
“She is only sixteen!”
“I know that, but I can’t stay away.”
“There has to be respect and self-control.”
“I got it handled.”
“Do you really?”
“I think so.”
“So, can you two can handle being good, if we allow you two to,date?
“Anything you want, it’s worth it.” James eagerly responded.
“So, let me ask you again, what are your plans for tonight?”
“I would like to take her to dinner.”


Forever Yours -Chapter 29: The Dinner Date

“I have seen the place and this is not it.”

“You have seen the place?”
“Yes I have. It’s a room that is mostly made of wood like a cabin. There is a fireplace on one end of the living room, and no furniture.”
I continued with his vision, “There are candles everywhere with a fluffy white rug in front of the fireplace, and there is a table off to the side.”
James looked at me confused, so I filled him in. “Remember the night in the car when I kept falling asleep? That is what I was dreaming of.”
He traced my face with his hand, just looking at me.
I asked, “Would it be bad for you if we kissed?”
He leaned over me and traced his lips on mine and the kissing started. It was so soft and tender. I touched his chest, he flinched.
I whispered to his lips, “Too hard?”
He said softly to my lips, “No.”


Forever Yours – Chapter 30: Broken Heart

I called my mother. It would be the first time I had talked to her since I was little. The phone was ringing. I didn’t want to talk to her, but for Dad…
She answered, “Hello.”
I couldn’t speak to her; how could she have left?
She answered again, “Hello?”
I took a deep breath, “Clarissa?”
“My sweet Carl, is everything okay?”
She took my breath away. I didn’t know what to say. “This isn’t Carl.”
I heard her breath with desperation, “James?”
For my dad, come on James. For dad, “Yes.”
“What is it, has something happen?”
I couldn’t let her into my life. She chose to not be part of it.
“Dad’s heart. We’re on our way to the hospital.”
I could hear the devastation in her voice, “He’s not…?”
“No, but he asked for you.”
All I could hear was a dial tone. She didn’t say anything to me.


Forever Yours – Chapter 31: A Destiny

Tamara stood up and walked over to me, “My mom thinks you’re good for James.”
I put my finger to my lips to hush her.
Everyone looked at her, “What?”
“My mom likes you and thinks…”
She walked to James and pulled him until he got up, and he moved him to sit by me, “…you’re good for James.”
She pushed him to sit by me and took our hands and put them together.
James leaned forward to her, “You know her?”
“Yes, and she misses you the most; I thought you knew that.”


Forever Yours – Chapter 32: Sam’s The One

Sam got up and looked at us disgusted, “No heavy breathing!”
Then he stormed out. James let go of me and ran after him. I went to the kitchen window to listen. When James caught up to Sam he turned in anger on James, “Our father is in the hospital and you’re so selfish! All you think about is her and being with her. You don’t take care of things. I am better than you and I can do so much more than you. Why do you get to boss us? You’re never here, and you’re not chief yet!”


Forever Yours – Chapter 33: The Pain Of Desire

“James, where are we going?”
He stopped and put his arms around me pushing his body to mine until we were against a tree. He pushed me so hard I could feel the tree digging into my back. His kiss was so deep my head was spinning.
“It’s okay I love you.”
He grabbed my hand and started walking to the trailer. I kissed his hand. He turned to me again. He lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his waist. His intensity was exciting to me. His arms were so tight that it was hard to breathe. I was against a tree again, him pushing to me.
He stopped and looked into my eyes, seeing something there that made him sad. He walked away from me toward the lake. I didn’t know what to do. He dove in. Shit! What is he doing?


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