How to write a Novel – Method 1

How to Write a Novel:

Everyone does it differently, so how do you advise someone how to do something?  Well, I am going to give it a shot, and hopefully it will help you.  The one thing I cannot stress enough… keep going.

When I tell people I am a writer they tend to take a step back and look at me up and down and then they finally open their mouth to say, “Really?”  Sometime I can’t hold the laugh back because no I do not look like a writer, or even someone who would write anything.  But what does a writer look like?

Like you!!!!

I can tell you how I did it, I can tell you how others do it, but ultimately you have to find what works for you.  But, I am going to try to help you find a method.

Method 1:  First you should really pick out the genre you would like to write in.  What time a book it is you would like to have your name on.  Then sit down and write as the idea develops in your head.  If you are writing this way I am sure the idea has played around in your head for a while now. This is not a good method, however I sit down and write and the story comes to me as I go.  It starts as an idea, and then I’ll have a thought or a dream about a scene.  I do try to write it down before I forget it and then try to add it to the story later, but for the most part my ideas come as the book develops.

Pro’s to this approach:

i.      It’s easy.
ii.      No planning.

iii.      You can get started on your story right away.

iv.      You can let your mind run wild with imagination

Con’s to this approach:   You want to make sure you are getting all the information into the story that your readers want to know;

i.  who are the characters,

ii.  what do they look like,

iii.  where is the setting,

iv.  What the story is about is there a twist.

v.  When writing in this way you may miss information that is important.  You will want to go back at the end to write a brief description of the book.  You will want to have an outline to cover aspects you are touching on.

What makes this the hardest way is because you are constantly having to go back over your work to make sure you are getting all the info you wanted to get in the novel.  You will have to write a description of the book, for the back cover.  You will have been able to explain the characters, their personalities, their life.  When you don’t have it drafted out it is more difficult.


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