Adrienne Barbeau

Yes you may recognize her face.  Adrianne has so many accomplishments that I am not going to waste my time trying to get every detail down for you, but I will say that she is successful in everything that she does.  Her web page lists her upcoming performances, along with her three books.  Truly an outstanding person that seems to have it all figured out.  See what she has been up to over the years, it is an eyeful.

   Love Bites

Where Vampires are Hollywood stars, of course that’s how they stay so good-looking as they age, paparazzi as werewolves, and humans are regular attractions for Ovsanna the main character that is a 450 year old vampire that still has the attraction of a 20-year-old.
This has a comical relief of past actors coming to Ovsanna asking to make a comeback as a new actress after they are supposed to be dead.  Wait until you see who she uses.  But this is a weird twist on the regular story of Vamp’s.  It has intensity and is fast pace as it lays out a suspense story.
Of course when you have Love in the title there is going to be a romance, add vampire’s to the story and it gets hot.


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