Adrienne Willams

I could not find a website and no author page, so you can find her on amazon.  I love her style and the book was great.  I will look for her again

This time forever by Adrienne Williams

This Time Forever

Renee St.Charles and Elliot James fell in love as teenagers.

Renee’s mother did not agree with them.  She took Renee away from him.  She landed in New York where she now ran a very successful business.

Elliot devastated by her leaving only had one thing left in his life and the was being a lawyer.  Now he was the managing partner of his own law firm

Wanting to visit and old friend and check on the once love of his life, maybe with a little hope, and a lot of luck she would still look at him the way she had.

At their first meeting he got a little more than he bargained for.  With that in mind uncertainties play at their emotions, can they make it through?

You will have to see what the surprise was when he met her for the first time in almost 20 years,.

Click here for your copy: This Time Forever


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