Alyson Noel

The creator of the Immortals series.  I find her light and cheery all the time.  She has a natural gift to share her stories.  Alyson writes young adult fiction, which is always a top seller.  She continues the story because it is good.  Her creative mind pulls us into a make-believe place that is so wonderfully created.  I haven’t read any of her books lately and I can still see the picture in my head of different scenes.


My favorite of the series, but only because you can really feel how she feels.  The pain in her heart, the unhappiness of her powers that she really doesn’t understand.  I was curious to find out where she got her special talents from.  It seems like this is another supernatural book with a twist of something of the imagination.  It was cute, witty, yet luring.  It kept me coming back for more.  I wanted to see where this story would go.  Quite the creative mind.

blue moon

A continuation of the Immortals series.  I didn’t like this one as much as the first, but let me explain.  Her life seems to be filled with trial after trial and I didn’t like that she was alienated.  It was too much tragedy for one person to feel yet in the end she was able to fix everything that came up.
It was the twist and turns that kept me going back for more.


The third book of the Immortals series, but this one had a few more twists that I enjoyed.  I still think back to reading it and remembering the story well.  This was still filled with a tragedy that she has to overcome, which in the end she had to make a life altering choice for a friend.  I like that she doesn’t do things correctly making the character more real.

   dark flame

This is the fourth book of the Immortals series.  The characters are likable and the story even better than the ones before.  It had more depth and learning of yourself within.  A little too melodramatic for me, but definitely appropriate for the age group for which it was intended.  It will have you saying “No!  Don’t do it!”,  but when you think Ever and Damen might have a good ending, well… I wouldn’t want to give the ending away.  You will enjoy this book if you read it.


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