Ashley Spector

But you can also find her on Amazon as the erotic writer.  She still has a wide variety of genre’s but all based on the erotica.  21 novels in and showing signs of continued writings I am sure we will hear more about Ashley.

d - Love in Handcuffs by Ashley Spector crp

Love in Handcuffs

Click here to get your copy:  Love In Handcuffs: The Secret Billionaire (Part One) (BDSM And Domination Erotic Romance Novelette)

Embezzlement would cause anyone to be paranoid and it was no different for Katrina Solly.  But she has a well thought out plan.  All she has to do is make it to Mexico unnoticed, and undetected.  Planned as an escape, but scheduled as a vacation she becomes a little worried about tall dark and handsome watching her.  Is he an agent?  She doesn’t find out who he is until she faints in his arms, and awakes in his suite.

What kind of trouble is she in?  You may enjoy the trouble she is in.


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