Candace Calvert

6 adorable rescue hospital setting books you can see the other side of the emergency room with her writings but the story’s Candace shares with us takes us there.  Check out her website for her books

Rescue Tram

1-14 Rescue Team by Candace Calvert

Click here for your copy:   Rescue Team (Grace Medical)

Kate Callison moved from town to town running from her past and not letting anyone in.  This new job as ER Director seems possible, but there is already so much bad PR, and trying to live up to the perfect past ER Director who came up missing and that is how she ended up here in the first place.  Can she keep it together long enough to want to stay this time?

That’s where Wes Tanner, local Well digger and head of the Rescue team in the area, comes in.  He’s at the hospital after a “Find”, a disoriented lost old lady, when he is thrown into another situation only to rush to the emergency operating room with a limp baby in his hands, but staring at a beautiful, controlled, and focused Kate.

A hectic day, a meeting in the parking lot, and a direct quote from Kate “No one here needs saving.”  He knows there is something she needs to be saved from.  It’s in her eye as sad as they are.

This has a twist of events because Wes never realized that he Rescues others because no one rescued him as a child.  Can they help each other out?

Only if they can get along.  You have to read this one to find out.


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