Candace Schuler

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A successful writer in everything she writes.  From business, to romance she can do it all.  Candace accredits her romance writing to her husband, and his encouragement.   Check out her author page and find out just how amazing she is.

e - One Night with You by Candace Schuler crp

One Night with You

Click here for your copy: One Night With You (The Heart of the City Series, Book 1)

Desi, once a gopher on a movie set where she laid eyes on the famous, sexy, heart stopping Jake , and where the obsession started.

For Jake the obsession started on the plane years after she had first seen him.  He was breath taken with her at first sight, keeping his attention on her.

One night is all they needed, however the weekend may have been a little too long.

Desi’s little girl could never be a regret, but working on a new movie production for the father of her beautiful perfect child was going to be a little harder than she could ever admit.

When the passion comes out is he angry, or just hot to hold her once again.  After they give into those heated desires she knows she needs to tell him.

Will he believe it wasn’t a trick, will he believe the child is his, and will he neglect his heart’s desire after a blow like this?


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