Carol Rose

Amazon Author Page

A frequent speaker at writer’s groups and conferences proves her awards for contemporary romance novels.  She writes with a touch of class that I haven’t seen in a while.  Available now 25 books for your liking, take a look at her website for more reads.

g Challenge Accepted by Carol Rose

Click here for your copy:   Challenge Accepted – A Contemporary Romance

Hayley Haslett, a rich daddy’s girl growing up as a single child.  He controlled everything, but now she has to do it on her own.  She doesn’t want someone else controlling everything she does.

When the opportunity comes to restore 9 historic houses she jumps at the chance to prove herself worthy.  The only problem being– a sexy handsome man, that is her biggest competitor Cole Granger.  They are to compete working on the first house to prove who will be more worthy of the contract.

Who would know that her biggest rival is also her biggest fan.  And it’s not just her business he is interested in.  Will she let her guard down to let him in?  You will have to read the story.

It is a strong story, with a good romance.


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