Chloe Cassedy

This is Chloe’s Authors page in amazon.  However brief it may be she gets her point across of being into the BDSM.

She has four books published:  Three from The Billionaire’s Wife, and the complete bundle of Billionaire Bound 3 books in one.  I have read the first and it was okay, but good enough to continue.  Really not into the BDSM, but the story was cute.

The Billionaire's Wife by Chloe Cassidy crp

The same story as a few other ones but this one started off a little different.  Like a lot of stories they are undergrads, with little employment opportunities that get sucked into doing work for pennies on the dollar, but when Melissa gets invited back for another event she decided she didn’t want the charity and the work.  She didn’t want the man feeling sorry for her.

After a great sexual encounter she finds out that her man Ricky is none other than the Great Gideon Lambert, the man who cannot keep his hands off of her.

Getting sucked into his world with an offer she headed out to get someone’s help on this contract.  At the end of the book you will be surprised who the door man thinks she is.

Click here for your copy:  The Billionaire’s Wife: A Seductive Encounter (Part One) (A BDSM Erotic Romance Novelette)


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