Cynthia Wright

Started writing at a very young age, when she should have been out playing, but the stories playing in her head allowed he to find endings to stories she didn’t like the end of.  From there she went to college where she earned a degree as a physical therapist; however her love for writing could not be contained.  When you check out her website you will see all she has created.

l Silver Storm by Cynthia Wright

Click here for your copy:   Silver Storm (The Raveneau Novels, Book 1)

This is the romance I like to read.  The passion Davon Lindsay and Andre Raveneau share is not love.  Hate, fury, loathing, excitement, and the love for the see they do share.  But with energies to high it’s hard to resist the attraction.

She had once shared a kiss with this over bearing, egotistical, reckless privateer captain in her innocence.  He doesn’t even recognize her now as woman.  He’s even bold enough to have her stay in his cabin after she stows away on his ship.  It would be the safest place for her, there is only one problem… They share his bed.  The softness of her skin, the curves of her figure, and her scent could drive any man to deflower a young girl

A surprise comes from their passion, as you will see when you read this story.


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