Dani Lovell


I couldn’t find much info, but can’t wait to read the story.  This was another freebie on Amaizon.com.  Great read.

Berkeley by Dani Lovell

Sexy Berkeley

Doubt fills the mind when someone is just too perfect.  Well the main character Bea falls in love with Daniel, the too perfect male.  This was the only part of the story that was hard to grasp because no one is perfect.

However, if you believe in first impressions you will love this story.

Bea on her way to America for a long needed vacation is greeted by a comforting male on takeoff.  What she didn’t expect was how much one person can be the perfect match before even meeting them officially.

Not wanting to get wrapped up in a long distance relationship when they get off the plane, she gets off the Daniel high, only to run into him on vacation.  The rest of the time she fights the attraction to this man to avoid pain later.

Lots of steamy affections in this one, and the end is not the end because the need for each other follows her home.

Her birthday wish comes true when he tells her a secret.

This story is the Cinderella story wrapped up in modern time.  The wicked step sisters aren’t so wicked and they are her best friends.  The prince charming is not prince but definitely charming.  I really enjoyed the story even though it was too good to be true.

Click here to get your copy: Sexy Berkeley (Sexy Series)


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