Elisabeth Naughton


24 novels since 2011, and already on the bestseller lists all over the place.  She is a full-time mother, and wife, but also finds time to write full-time from home.  Really enjoying sharing her stories with her readers you may want to follow her down this path.  Check out her website.

Stolen Fury

1-14 Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton

Click here for your copy:   Stolen Fury (Stolen Series (book #1))

Dr. Lisa Maxwell hasn’t had an easy time as an archaeologist, but this time she is finally on to one of the biggest discoveries, the Furies.

However successful this may make her she is enticed into a beautiful Italian man, Rafe Sullivan.  Only to be left wanting in both the romance department and in her safe where the fury had been.

Chasing the man down with the intent on devouring him with her wrath, it is the spark that hinders that.  She is coaxed into working with him to find the other furies.

Although their time together causes them to fight the heat going on between them, they also find respect for each other only to be running for their lives.  Quite latterly.

Can they survive until the last fury is found?  And what will happen to it once they do?  Rafe may have other ideas than what she does.

Suspense is high in this one.


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