Eloisa James


Not only is Eloisa James a writer, but she is also a Shakespeare professor.  I love romance novels and she is amazing.  Though I swore I would never read those old-time novels… I found myself in love with her books.  They seem to over lap and intertwine with each other, of course focusing on different main characters, but it wraps them all together.  It seems as if you are already there when you start a new book.   Check out her website to see her many… many… many books.

The Essex Sisters:

   Much Ado About You

Click here for your copy:   Much Ado About You (Essex Sisters, book 1)

Being the first book, it is the story of the eldest Essex sister, Tess.  Her love story seemed grim in the form of doing her duty to marry someone with a title and money.  After being jilted the morning of her arranged marriage, it is then that she may find out who truly loves her.
If you like romance novels this is a good place to start.  It makes you believe that passion really does exist longer than the beginning of a relationship.

Kiss Me Annabel

Click here for your copy:  Kiss Me, Annabel (Essex Sisters, book 2)

The second oldest is coming out.  She has an odd way at looking at marriage.  The important thing was to marry for Rich, English, and Amiable.
In order to not tarnish her reputation she is to marry a Scotsman, and to her that meant poverty.
In their travels to his home she learns a few things.
Could she marry for love…  Could he be rich…  Is there more…
My saying is guidelines are only guidelines.  Change your margins.

The Taming of the Duke   

Click here for your copy:   The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, book 3)

This is about the third Essex daughter, Imogen.  She had eloped and married before, but was a widow now.  Can she find love under her former guardian’s eye, Rafe?
Maybe not under his eye,  but maybe in his eyes.

Imogen desperately wants a man who is in love with her.  She thought that she loved Draven enough for both of them, but in this year she has come to realize that it wasn’t enough.
Will this new fling give her what she needs the most?  To be deeply loved is what she needs this time.

Read to find out who it is that will love her enough.

  Pleasure for Pleasure

Click here for your copy: Pleasure for Pleasure (Essex Sisters, book 4)

The baby of the family, Jossie, and probably the most out spoken, determine young lady.  She has always thought of Mayne as a beautiful man, but could she win his heart?
Or does she have to trick him into loving her?

Not intentionally, but definitely with displeasure she is thrown into a marriage, but could it still be love.
You will have to read it to believe it.

Desperate Duchesses:

Duchess by Night

Click here for your copy:   Duchess By Night

A lonely Duchess finds freedom when she portrays a man.  Does her host know or is he attracted to another man?  Of course not, but how does he figure it out?  It’s in the kiss that gives her away, but will true love come of it?  Not if he finds out she is a duchess or maybe it will.
You must read it…

   This Duchess of Mine

Click here for your copy:   This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchesses)

Again, Eloisa keeps the fire going in her stories.  In this enchanting love story it shows how being separated by years makes the heart grow fonder.  They are married, had affairs, and yet they fall in love with each other after being apart for so many years.  The only problem is… will the Duke live to enjoy this new-found tenderness?

A Duke of Her Own   

Click here for your copy:  A Duke of Her Own (Avon Historical Romance)

When you are hurt by love it hardens the heart, it makes us put up barriers to prevent being hurt or disappointed.  Eleanor has done such a thing and refers to marriage as an agreement, however her agreement is turned a little when competition comes to play.  She is torn over her true hearts desire and holding true to herself in allowing him to make a choice.  She is hurt in the same way as the first time and decides that she will never be good enough.
Read the story to find out if she gets what she deserves.  Definitely a must read for a romantic at heart.

 The Duchess Quartet:

   Duchess in Love

Click here to get your copy: Duchess in Love

What can I say. I am a sucker for a good romance novel filled with twists and turns. Cam and Gina are finally reunited after 12 years apart, after Cam escapes out the window because he was forced to marry her when she was only 11 years old. Now that he is back and she is a grown woman, will he be able to let her go so she could marry the man she loves? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.

Fool For Love

Click here for your copy:   Fool for Love

It’s funny how we believe what we are told our whole lives.  Henrietta believes that she is deformed, that she can never have children, and then of course that she will never marry a man who can truly love her.  Simon, the man who swears to not become foolish over a woman finds himself intrigued with Henrietta.  This is a man who ignores all the debutantes that swoon over him.  Because of life’s circumstances she needs him and he needs her is it a match made in heaven.  Henrietta has to face facts that he is too beautiful to fall in love with her and once she finds out that he doesn’t really need her, she tries to give him every chance to escape.  Too bad that he has so much desire for her that he can’t let go, even when it could be the end for her.

This book is a must read.  It shows that even with disabilities that love prevails.

A Wild Pursuit   

Click here for your copy:   A Wild Pursuit

Eloisa James really knows how to connect stories, organize them, and yet bring us a whole new story.  This one is about Lady Beatrix, who has created a scandal that labels her a vixen.

Stephen Fairfax-Lacy, a distinguished gentlemen of congress is too good and too controlled to be influenced by temptation.  But… Lady Beatrix brings out the wild side in him.

This also touches on Esme Rawlings who is presumable pregnant with her late husbands baby, however she is really unsure if the babe is her dead husbands or not.
Sebastian Bonnington has come to realize that status is not quiet as important as his inner most feelings.  He lowers his standard to living as a gardener in order to be near his heart desire.  It is with time and patience that he wins her heart.

Can everyone really live happily ever after?  One can hope.

Your Wicked Ways

Click here for your copy:  Your Wicked Ways

Rese and Hellen did not have a good marriage. Starting off too young and naive, but this turns into the most adorable love story between two people who actually take the time to learn to actually love each other. Of course it is based on that first attraction which is how relationships start. Though this set in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s it is quite zesty and of course the writer does branch off to give you other love stories on the side. I find Eloise James writing delightful.

Fairy Tales:

   A Kiss at Midnight

Click here for your copy: A Kiss at Midnight

This is truly a love story.  Kate and Gabriel have a desire to be together even though they know it is not possible considering Gabriel’s responsibilities to his family, his estate, and his country.  They give into their desires knowing they will not have a future together.  You want them to kiss, you want them to be together, but you don’t want them hurt by love.
If you fall for love stories don’t forget this one.  It is truly a fairytale come true.

The Ugly DuchessProduct Details

Click here for your copy:  The Ugly Duchess (Fairy Tales)

Okay, so this is another story of the ugly duckling that turns into a swan.   However, it is James, the  heir to the Duchy of Ashbrook,  and her life long friend and so-called brother that feels she was never ugly, so she is no swan.

But it is hard to convince when everyone else on the planet thinks the only reason James would fall in love with Theo would be because of her money.  When Theo hears those exact words from James’s father, and her  care giver since she was an infant, she has nothing else to do but put an end to their marriage.

After years apart, and an achy body James returns home to convince the love of his life that he truly feels this way.    This was only seen after a close brush with death, that came from the dangerous life he chose.  But life didn’t mean much without Theo in it.

It was another Fairy tail story.


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