Eric Jerome Dickey

Once a software developer in the aerospace industry, a comedian, and an actor, now he is a well-known, and successful novelist that has many awards under his belt.  It was his daily experiences that helped him to realize that he was a gifted writer and that is where he focuses his attentions at this time.  I can’t wait to get my hands on An Accidental Affair.

      Dying for Revenge

Though this is my first book by Eric Jerome that I picked up I really didn’t need the first two to follow along, however I may go by the first two of the trilogy because I loved the characters.
Gideon, a professional assassin trying to get out of the business has been brought back into his reality of doing what he has known all his life.  You learn about his life of being brought up by a prostitute, who abducted him, and now wonders if the ‘Kid’ is his.  He is out to protect them from a mad woman who is bent on putting Gideon out of his miserable life.
Gideon the survivor does just that… he survives.  The killing has to be done to continue his life, it is his co-worker that lets him unload his baggage and gives him a comfortable  companion while he fights for his life and to protect the ones that mean something to him, even if he can not have the home he wished for.
Hot, steamy, bloody, intense, and altogether a great story.


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