Evelyn Harper


I didn’t find any information on the writer herself, but she does have a series.  Fall into Him, Fall into Her, Fall into Forever.   I have read the first one and cannot wait to read the next.

Fall Into Him by Evelyn Harper

Fall into Him

Jennifer is struggling to get herself back together after her boyfriend, Brad, dumped her like hot cakes.  She had given up everything she wanted to be a piece of his life only to find herself struggling to get back to hers.

A run a good luck comes her way in the happening of the owner of the hotel she was clerking for heard her playing the piano.  It wasn’t like him to invite a woman to his room, and it definitely wasn’t her way as she agreed.

One night of pure pleasure for both of them.

When he comes back to promote her, and proposition her how can she refuse.

I can not wait to see what happens in the next story.

Click here for your copy:   Fall into Him


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