Farrah Rochon


Has over 18 novels since 2007 makes her amazing at what she does.  The story I read was delightful.  Not too mushy, not too sexy, not too much of anything other than a really great story.  I am sure you could find one of her stories enjoyable if you give her a chance.   Check out her web blog on amazon.

c I'll Catch You by Farra Rochon     Click here for your copy:    I’ll Catch You (Kimani Romance)

Working her tail off, Payton Mosely has a dream of owning and running a successful agent business.  Cedric Reeves is just the player she needs to represent.  If she sign’s him her dreams may come true in more ways than one.  She puts her heart and soul into believing in him and representing him.

Cedric needs some help.  His bad boy reputation has caught up with him and now he sits on the sidelines, his agent dropped him.  All he wants is to stay where he is so that he can be close to his twin brother, and play football a little longer.  With Payton on his side he may just get more than he bargained for.

Can they avoid the attraction long enough to get them what they want?  You will have to read it to find out.


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