Felicia Tatum


Only published since May 2012 she already has 9 books available for you to enjoy, I also love her website.  Check it out.

Mangled Hearts

1-14 Mangled Hearts by Felicia Tatum

Click here for your copy:   Mangled Hearts: Francesca and Cade (Scarred Hearts)

Is it possible to love again when your own thoughts, hang-ups, or even your own issues stand in the way?  This is something that anyone who has been hurt in some way contemplates in their mind.

Sometimes we become alcoholics, work alcoholics, drug addicted, sleep obsessively, or anything else that we can try to avoid the pain and suffering.

Cade, the alcoholic bad boy from High School, is still running from never being good enough.  Drinking started way too young and now it’s become a problem.

Francesca, broken from heartache when her sister dies in a tragic accident from years earlier, and the only man she has ever loved was somehow tied to her death.

Years later he’s still a drunk, and she is still broken.  The weird part is they are destined to get things right.  Her first case and only case as a lawyer happens to be the man from her past.

Old feelings mix with the new feelings and they have to hash things out, but can Cade survive treatment, and will Francesca’s have him with this issue on top of everything else?  This one hits you in the heart wanting everything to work out, wanting them to be okay, and wanting the happy ending.  Not everything turns out perfect in the real world, but you will have to read the story to see if theirs does.


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