Fern Michaels


I just want to say that if anyone can get this many books out in one year, yeah they will be as big as Fern.  She has written 99 books, which most of them are on the New York Times Best Sellers list.  On a personal note she lives in her home that seems to be haunted.  To find out more about this amazing person check out her web page.
By the way there are 20 books in the Sisterhood Series to which I intend to make my way through, very soon.


Oh is this one fun. Talk about sweet revenge. Oops that gave me an idea for another book. This is actually about woman who have been wronged in the worst ways and how they take turns making it right. The woman who they avenge in this book developed AIDS from her husbands affairs. She also was a doctor and dealt with unlawful HMO. Her revenge is sweet and they don’t even kill the people. It is funny and yet…. You make up your mind.


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