J.R. Ward


J.R.Ward once Chief of Staff at one of the premier academic medical centers in the nation, is now an award winning author, best known for her erotic paranormal romances.  Her heaven consists of a good pot of coffee, her loyal friend (dog), and a computer.  I can appreciate that because when the words are in your head you need to release them.  Thank you for sharing your creativity with us J.R. Ward.  I promise if you read her works you will enjoy the adventure.

Heart of Gold - J.R. WardHeart of Gold

Nick Farrell a ruthless, heartless, notorious corporate raider has a hard time letting anyone into his life let alone on his mountain.

Carter Wessex, an Archaeologist enticed by the Farrell Mountain gets a little more than she expects when she goes to him with the intent of excavating his mountain.  A brush with this cold heart, arrogant, but sexy man, has made Carter give up hope.

Nick is pleasantly surprised at Carters explosive personality, and after checking her background he decides that she might be an asset to what he needs, in more than one way.

It’s his stares, his looks, and his strong personality that draws her to him in every possible way.  So why was she trying to keep a distance?  Oh yeah, his personality had something to be desired and did she desire him.

But what does it take to really trust a person?  Did someone say kidnapping?  This is an enticing novel you won’t want to miss.


Click here for your copy: Heart of Gold


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