Jennifer Bernard

Although this is Jennifer’s first series, it is a hot one.  She writes romance novels, and that is how I found her because that is what I also enjoy.  I do a lot of reading in order to see how mine compare.  I find her story delightful, sexy, and a little dreamy.  I will be looking forward to reading the other books from this collection.  Check out her web site for more to come.

Hot for Fireman - Jennifer Bernard

Hot for Fireman

Click here for your copy:   Hot for Fireman: A Bachelor Firemen Novel

Katie Dane never thought she would be stuck running a bar, her father’s bar to be exact.  She didn’t want to be there, but neither did anyone else.  Because she loved her ill father she was there making the most of it temporarily, if she had anything to do with it.

Ryan Blake, an ex-fireman, walks into her life, and into the bar.  He is hired on as the new bar tender, which sparks business due to his back ground as the sexy heartbreak of Station One.  Only he isn’t with the fire Station anymore, but wants to go back.

Playing with fire doesn’t go as plan, because some big hunk is there to put out all the fires, except the one that burns inside her for him, Ryan.

When the real flames ignite, will she lose him forever?  You will have to read this one for yourself.


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