Jessica Sorensen

Jessica is a young hip writer of three series, and one New York Times & USA Today Best Seller… The Secret of Ella and Micha, based on her choice of music, and movies.  You can also tell by her writing that she youthful and relate able.

Supernatural, a touch of reality and the need for touch is all wrapped into this charming story of Ember.

A young woman tormented the gift of foreseen.  She can see how someone will die, and there are very few that pass away peacefully in her sites.  Dealing with it is hard enough but dealing with it alone is too much for her, so her best friend, Raven, is her support team.

Along comes Asher, gorgeous and mysterious, she is taken with him immediately.  Take so far that she allows him to touch her in ways that she had never allowed.  A pleasant surprise that when he touches her calmness fills her and no death scene appears in her head.  So why him?  And how is it that he can do this too her..

Very interesting story, some weird twists, and a touch of romance;  I enjoyed this story very much.

Click here to get your copy:  Ember (Death Collectors, Book 1)


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