Jessie Evans

Amazon Author Page:  10 titles under her belt In such a short time.   She is able to write full-time from her home even though she has three boys to chase after.  Her stories are sweet and romance.

Betting on You

1-14 Betting on You by Jessie Evans

Click here for your copy:   Betting On You (Always a Bridesmaid 1)

First of all if a man left me the day of my wedding I wouldn’t want anything to do with him no matter how attractive he is.  Nothing is worse than lowering your self-esteem.

However, If a man pursued me the way Mason Stewart goes after what he wants, Lark March, there may be some kind of hope in the mix.

Mason knows that Lark wouldn’t see him after what he had done to her, but he had changed!  He was the new and improved man who wanted what Lark had to offer.  When they were younger and planning the wedding he was lost in confusion.  It took him years to straighten his head out, but he did it and now he wants her back.

Lark could only give him one change, but only after she made sure that he understood what he did to her back then.

Can he really understand what she felt back then, and can he handle the challenge now.  Maybe after a few dates things will get resolved so they both can move forward.  Hopefully together.

You will have to read this one to find out what she puts him through and what happens at the end of the day.


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