Jill Sanders


A successful author with her Pride Novels winning her awards on the New Your Times and USA today best sellers list along with Amazon Bestsellers.  Newest series is the Secret Series, which is one of the books I enjoyed.  I will be looking forward to reading another.  Hope you will too.

Secret Seduction

c - Secret Seduction by Jill Sanders crp

Click here for your copy:  Secret Seduction (Secret Series Romance Novels)

Katie, a simple girl happy to live her simple life, in love with her best friend and roommate Jason was the only difficult part of her life, because he had never known how she felt about him.

One, two, and then three phone calls had turned her world upside down and inside out.  The family she knew wasn’t the family she thought.  The father she grew up with wasn’t her biological father.  Her brother, only a half-brother.

Across the globe, where her mother was married to a second man, and where she had a biological father, and a biological brother.

Escaping everyone she knew as family and friends to meet the one person she never knew… her father.

Jason followers her across the globe to protect her and bring her back to her family, however on the way danger brings them to new entanglements.  Find out just how tangled the get.

Sweet, innocent, adventurist, and just pleasantly sexy.  Hope you enjoy this one.


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