Joanne Rock

Joanne is an author with over fifty romance titles.  She became passionate for writing professionally when the imaginary characters kept her awake at night, demanding that she tell their stories.  I seem to have this similar problem.  See if you can connect with Joanne at her website.

Under Wraps – Harlequin  Blaze    

Marnie has started her own travel agency focusing on fantasy escapes after being let go from a travel agency that she loved working for.  Jake is a PI that has been investigating her to the depths of video taping her.  He knows its hands off, but once he is certain that she is not the one that took money they go on trip to clear her name, but that is when the heat rises between them.
It is only when they get the answers they need, Jake saves her, and reality sinks back in that they go there separate ways.  Will it end there?  You will have to read it to find out.
I found this book so delightfully intriguing I might actually read this one again.


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