Justine Elvira


It’s hard to believe that the book I read was her first one.  I will be purchasing the second just as soon as I can.  Her writings are very heart felt, but it is understandable as she is a mother.

The Road to Price by Justine Elvira

Click here for your copy: The Road To Price (Price #1)

Mia Dechino has lived a life of hell and the last blow was beyond livable.  The only survival she has is to work herself into exhaustion.  It help to block out her brain, and her pained heart.  She has left the few people in her life behind only to escape the cruel reality of her life.

When a new job is thrown her way her boss ignites life within her.  She doesn’t understand it, she doesn’t even want it, but finally to be able to breathe again is nice for a change.

An electrifying love story that leaves you wanting more, because when things present some of her past she cannot face what will come from there love after losing the love of her life.

Sebastian Price, a wealthy healthy male, is hit with something he has never felt in his life before.  Confirming those feelings he looks forward to a long and loving relationship with Mia.  What could be wrong in loving her so deeply that would make her….

You have to read the story to find out any more.  I couldn’t give it away.  If you read this book you will want to get the sequel ‘The Road to Forgiveness’.

Book 2:The Road to Forgiveness by Justine Elvira

Click here for your copy:The Road To Forgiveness (Price #2)


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