Kim Louise

Has written many award-winning novels over the years starting at a young age.  She had a love for writing as a child and after reading African-American romance novels she decided it was time to write her own and has been going strong ever since, being published by some big names in the publishing world.  Check out her web site for more books.


Dr. Gene Bevins is a sex coach at an exclusive resort to which she built on privacy and Secrecy.  You must be invited to get in there, the Chocolate Chateau.  But some how Marlowe- I love the name, a free-lance report, finds his way there so he can do a story.  What he finds is a healthy and healing way to explore sexuality and relationships to which he learns many things about himself.  Not only is the attraction steamy between them it is therapeutic to both, healing their past through sexual healing.  Can they make it through the truth behind Marlowe’s visit, and can they make it through her hidden issues.  This was a very good story filled with steamy sexual romantic fulfillment’s.  I even feel like a learned about myself from this book.  Take time to ready this one.


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