Kimball Lee

Kimball, a single mother of three boys, after losing her husband in 1997.  She writes from the heart and uses the qualities of the man she once loved in all her leading men characters.  Writing in her own style she enjoys fitting in funny, interesting, happy, sad, romantic, and titillating.  The Legal Action series is 3 books and I intend to read them all.  She has other books, but the Legal Action is a good place to start.  Give her books a read.

Legal Action by Kimball Lee

Charlotte Christianson’s life revolves around work as a successful attorney.  She eats, sleep, and lives for work.  Living on the top floor of a San Diego building with two of the greatest men she has ever know, her college buddies, also Special Forces operatives.

She really didn’t not have a want or need for a man, until she meets Alexander Bly.

Drop dead gorgeous, billionaire, and publishing magnate becomes her client at the law firm.  Having known him from a photo shoot she took with her Ex the NFL celebrity quarterback. Alex has never rocked his world like Charlotte.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off her back then, and can’t keep his hands off her now.

While she handles Alex’s law suit against Huang Worldwide Corporation, Jamey Huang kidnaps her.  To Alex’s and Charlottes surprise he doesn’t want Alex’s money, he want her former lover.  Would he trade his life for Charlotte’s.

Enchanting in a sense.  I loved the story line and the end was to die for.  Well maybe.

I encourage this read.

Click here to get your copy:  Legal Action (Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles)

d Temptation Road by Kimball Lee

Tempted to start a new life after the famous life didn’t seem so glamour’s, Reagan Hart (the DeLuca Girl) is drawn an enchanted house in Seven Devils, North Carolina.

It’s called the Mary’s house, and the only people authorized to own it has to be a Mary.  The story, bits of magic, and the lure are too much and it brings her here to the new beginning.

Part of the lure is Fletcher Green, the man who holds many secrets by not uttering a word for 20 years, his beautiful face, and amazing body.

Will he help her let her past life go of her terrible soon to be Ex-husband, or her one true love at 18.  He could make her forget all of it as he helps her to clean up everything in her life.

Looking forward to book 2.

Click here for your copy:   Temptation Road



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