Kira Sinclair

Kira has 7 releases with Harlequin and her 8th will be out in Jan 2013.  Kira writes on the side while also working full-time, has two daughters to care for, and a farm to look after.  She is a busy woman who can’t help herself but to share the stories that evasion her mind.  Give her website a look, you can even contact her on her blog.

   Bring It On

Lena and Colt are long time friends.  Colt has agreed to join Lena on her honeymoon, but only after finding out her fiance was having relations with her cousin.  The worst part was, she found out on her wedding day at the altar.

The worst part about the honeymoon her ex had planned was totally free due to a continuous photo shoot while on their honeymoon.  Colt comes through once again and agrees to put on a smile and a show so that they can stay.  But a show it was not, it was exposure to feelings that neither of them realized until they are pretending only not pretending.    Both know they are risking their friendship, but could it be more?  After Colt rushes off to film a once in a life time movie, they both realize something.

They are in love… but can they make it back to each other?

You will have to read the book to find out.


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