Kristen Middleton

Thirty One books ranging from Paranormal Romances to Contemporary romances.  She lives in Minnesota, my home state so I may have to look her up.  She seems to have gotten this writing thing down to an art.  Amazing books, look at her website.


1-14 Blur by Kristen Middleton

Click here for your copy:   Blur (Night Roamers)

Nikki, her twin brother Nathan, and their mother move to a small town after their mother had been brutally attacked by they’re father.

The Sherif, the hot Red haired girl at the grocery store, and even the cute guy at the boat repair shop there seemed to be someone for each of them.

But starting their first night strange things seem to be happening like the dead girl by their dock.  Over reacting to the new beautiful place they were going to call home, it had many creepy things going on.  Especially the face in the window and the secrets people whispered to them in warning.

She didn’t want him, didn’t know him, but Ethan had chosen her in the darkness of the night.

Will the hotty help save her?  Or is it too late?  Check it out!!!


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