Laura Lee Guhrke

Author of 17 romance novels, thought I do not know when she started but from what I have read she has been writing since 2003-2004.  She is well-rounded working in the advertising world, running a catering and construction business, but all that came to and end when she started writing historical romance novels.  She has been recognized on many levels with her writings.  Look to her website for list of novels that she would surely love to share with you.

Guilty Pleasures

Anthony Courtland, Duke of Tremore, cannot be distracted by the social events of society.  He is consumed in the excavation of his ducal estate.

Daphne Wade, a plain young woman, is the head of the restoration of the artifacts found on the property.  When she is not busy working, she is dreaming of speaking the beautiful duke, and maybe taking a peek at his bare chest as he works.

All her hopes coming to a crashing halt when she over hears Anthony speaking of her as nothing, plain, and dull.  She can’t stand what she hears so when Anthony’s sister offers to help her come out into society as a young beauty, she is determined to do just that.

Anthony is torn over losing his best worker, and the beautiful woman who is developing before his eyes.  He bargains to help her for more time in her work.  What they both don’t want to face is that there is something more to this than just the excavation.


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