Laura Lippman

Laura’s experience as a reporter for a few prestigious papers has helped her in her writings of crime fiction.  She has several awards for her writings along with being the first recipient for the Mayor’s prize for Literary excellence in her genre.  I am looking forward to reading her book, along with others I intend to purchase.

Another Thing to Fall

Based on the filming of a new TV series in Baltimore, this turns out to be a mystery.  The lead character Tess literally runs in to the filming crew causing a disruption in the filming.  It is the directors idea to hire Tess, to be the lead characters body-guard but only after there is a murder.  Not being able to put up with the lead’s antics she hires a friend to watch over her.  In talking with each person from the set she finds out that the lead Kiki has relations with a lot of various people.  But in the end she finds out the lead, Kiki, isn’t all that stupid.  It was good enough to keep me reading, but it wasn’t my favorite.


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