Lilian Hart

A self published e-book romance novelist since 2011, she has won many awards.  I actually was lucky enough to find her from a free book on Kindle and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next novel.  She knows how to write a romance novel filled with suspense, laughter, and steamy… well you get it.  She has many series to fall into, but my first book was from the MacKenzie Family Series, and I will read every one of them.

Cade by Liliana Hart 2

Too hot for words would explain Cade’s body.  He was trained to be the bad-est bad ass there was for his undercover work, but he got in so deep that they killed the love of his life punish him when they found out who he really was, and now it was time to avenge is love, and take out the cartel once and for all.  The only problem was the bait; could he leave it at that?

Bayleigh Scott, scorn by the words of her ex, and being stood up at the altar, has trust issues when it comes to men.  Running her own business keeps her busy enough to not have those lonely nights, but when this Bad Boy hottie moves in next door will she be able to control her needs with the pain of her past.

It’s his appeal, his determination, and his persuading that pulls her in to his world, but it is his past that tears them apart.
Can they come to terms with the present, or will it be too late adding Bayleigh to the list of Cade’s lost loves.

One word describes this whole book, INTENSE.  Give it a read.  I liked it so much I read the whole book in two days and then found the next book reading that one in one day (it was short though).

  Click here for your copy: CADE: A MacKenzie Family Novel (Romantic Suspense) (The MacKenzie Family)


Dane by Liliana Hart

Dane MacKenzie, the bad boy of the family is back home, after being gone for 10 years on a quest to make something of himself.  The only bad part is facing the demons of his past, where he left the love of his life disappointing her beyond belief.

Charlotte Munroe, the girl with the broken heart had also left Surrender Montana, but only because she was carrying Dane’s  child and didn’t want his family make him come home to face his responsibilities.  She didn’t want him that way, so she moved on with her life and came back home only when her father passed.
Click here to get your copy:  Dane (Erotic Romance) Book 1 (MacKenzie Family)


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