Liv Bennett

Liv, a lot like me, her book comes in a dream.  The truth is in her writings, how amazingly she puts together the story.  Though I didn’t laugh reading her story I did however feel every other emotion there is.  A two-day read for me because it sucked me in and held me there holding my phone to my face as I read until I was done.  Thank you for sharing your story.

An Illicit Pursuit by Liv Bennett

An Illicit Pursuit

In our youth there are laws of attraction that doesn’t make any sense in our pursuit to find a love that is so deep and everlasting.

In this story Adam goes after what he wants.  First its Pat, and then it is Taylor, but in his pursuit he injures Pat almost to ruin and destroys his relationship with his best friend by marring his wife.

Pat, in love with a man so much that she not only pushes him away but she also destroys something that their love had made.  His Jewish background made it impossible for them to be together, especially after he promised his father on his dying bed that he would marry a Jewish girl.

But was that his promise or his mother’s wish for the promise that pushes Pat away from the man of her life.

In the mist of being a famous Country Singer she has never felt so alone.  Can she find happiness once again after destroying the life that once was inside her and her own.  You will have to read the story to find out.

Click here to get your copy:   An Illicit Pursuit (Pursuit, #1)


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